Develop Feng Shui Ideas with Copper Mirrors

Love to practice a bit of Feng Shui? Yes, the world-famous Chinese belief, Feng Shui could be put into practice using common mirrors. Isn’t that wonderful to see how a mirror becomes an architectural tool that changes one’s destiny. The active element in this case is a certain conversion of energy that activate dark areas of a place. Anyway, let’s pay attention to this issue and explore what miracles we could do with a simple mirror. In fact, mirrors serve a certain remedial purpose in Feng Shui tradition and thus they are called “aspirin of Feng Shui”. Despite the purpose they serve, mirrors seem to be an important component in Feng Shui home decorating ideas. And you’d crave to practice them in real life when once you get an insight in this field.

Here are a few ways of using mirrors to explore your fortune with Feng Shui.

A mirror can reflect energy from the garden          

Place a mirror inside the house in a way to reflect an attractive view of the garden. Together with the beauty, outside energy is also transmitted into the house. In Feng Shui, this energy is called Sheng chi. It’s beneficial in two ways. Firstly, the fine reflection of beautiful home garden creates a certain attraction and it breaks the monotony and solitude of the interior. On the other hand, the invisible power of the Universe bring luck into the house in this particular energy transmission process. Certain worldly assets such as money, health and career are believed to be developed by the invisible power of Feng Shui.

Also, in Feng Shui, effects generated by mirrors vary according to the direction where they’re kept. North-career, East-health and Southeast-money are a few examples. Anyway, don’t just throw away these beliefs. There may be a certain truth behind them.

No mirrors opposite the bed

When you select a mirror, what factor would you consider as important? Definitely, you’d pay attention to its make. Mexican hammered copper mirrors are the best in today’s market. Copper being a versatile metal possesses a certain healing power and several other medicinal benefits. So, copper serves well in constructing mirrors. Especially, copper mirrors are a better choice for practicing Feng Shui. However, better to purchase a Mexican hammered copper mirror to enhance the elegance and value of your home. Just imagine the grandeur and beauty you’d add your living room wall by creating a simple mirror wall art! But, mind not to hang a mirror or create a mirror art just opposite your bed. According to Feng Shui beliefs, the mirror should be hanged on a wall perpendicular to your bed. However, make sure you buy Mexican hammered copper mirrors to brighten your home. They not only enhance the good looks, but also bring you luck and prosperity.

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