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Title : Furniture Designs There is always so much talk about making a small room look larger but what do you do when your room is so big that you can’t seem to make it feel comfortable? Well, with the right furnishings and tricks you can make your extra-large room feel less like a museum lobby and more like a cozy home. Color Choice – While you don’t have to have a palette full of dark colors, you do need a few to close the room up a little. Even painting one wall dark will make a drastic improvement to draw the wall in toward the room’s core. Some people even prefer to paint the ceiling a darker shade than the walls as well. Scale – Large rooms can accommodate big pieces of furniture. This doesn’t mean that you have to stuff it full but you can choose large sectionals, shelving and pieces of art that would dwarf a smaller room. Arrangement – If you have the extra space in your room, why not add extra seating and set up a small reading or game area? What about adding a small bar or using screens to create a room inside a room? Accents – Be sure to incorporate the dark colors in your palette into your accents and make sure that they are scattered throughout the room, not just all in one area.

 Home decor items are making brisk sales due to the increasing interest people are showing in buying home decor items owing to aggressive marketing campaigns and largely due to the impact of both print and visual media. Interior design magazines have given the much needed fillip to home decor items and home furniture’s which has managed to show case arty interiors as symbols of upwardly mobile population and are considered as the best way to flaunt their money in public. Whatever be the case home accessories and home furniture designs sales are not going to show any signs of decline in the times to come.

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